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In January 2013 Freedom Homes Pty Ltd upgraded its office network with Goodies Computers. This included a new Server, replacing all Desktop Computers and Monitors including necessary hardware and backup storage devices for offsite security. Goodies Computers was chosen for the upgrade as we had experienced great service in the past from the company, and the package offered, promised to meet all our expectations in value, performance, warranty and service.

The installation was involved, and would be carried out in the Christmas holiday break so as not to disrupt staff. All required data was to be transferred to the new computers and the server, along with email contacts and addresses. Multi-function printing, scanning, and fax equipment and associated software were also required to be hooked into the new network.

Terry Good of ‘Goodies Computers’ put together a detailed working plan to enable what was for myself as manager an extremely important and critical operation, that if not done correctly, and in a timely manner could greatly disrupt our business activity going into the new year.

As promised Terry managed the installation of all hardware and software involved, including liaising with some of our more specific software providers. Without a single glitch and to my relief and my staff, Freedom Homes started the year 2013 with the benefit of new hardware and a fast network, with the ability to handle our work loads into the future.

It is almost three years since we upgraded, and as part of our package ‘Goodies Computers’ monitors our system to make sure it runs smoothly and securely, providing the necessary software upgrades and protection to ensure its continued trouble free operation which we have enjoyed.

Terry Good has been supporting ‘Freedom Homes’ for over 10 years and I would have no hesitation in recommending ‘Goodies Computers’ for any business serious about installing, or maintaining, or upgrading its computer network.

Alan Reid, General Manager

Freedom Homes Pty Ltd